Dear Friends,

This website has been created for the sole purpose of building God’s Kingdom by reaching out to people like you. This is the perfect avenue to find quality resources for your spiritual growth and nurturing. An array of video sermons, photographs, healing testimonies and relevant information in regards to our Ministry has been made available. Feel free to reach out to me and God willing, divine alliances can be forged!!!

God knowing the end from the beginning, has penned a beautiful story for each of our lives. And we are often stuck in the middle pages wondering if there is any purpose to our living. I was at a place like that too, before I met Jesus who erased my past and gave me a new future. I will share a little bit of my own story, hoping it encourages you to push forward and trust the one who holds your tomorrow.

Early Days

The South Indian city of Bangalore welcomed my birth, as the first born to the Daniel household. I grew up in Chennai where I studied in reputed Christian schools, faithfully attended church and other Christian meetings as instructed by my parents. They endeavoured to instil Christian values and keep the faith alive in me. These were the years when I knew about Jesus Christ, but didn’t really know Him.

I was born in Bangalore but raised in Chennai for most of my life. My parents, Mr Varahal Razu and Mrs Anasuya Daniel endeavoured to instil Christian values by being Godly examples. I studied in reputed Christian institutions, faithfully attended church meetings as my parents instructed me to. My spiritual life was monotonous and ritualistic that was focussed on merely going through the motions. These were the years when I heard about Jesus Christ, but did not personally know Him.

Growing Up Years

During my late teens and early twenties, temptation lured me into the realm of worldly passion. Associating with the wrong circles, I experimented and got caught in the cycle of alcohol, occultist practices, drugs and substance abuse. Life made no sense to me and I desperately looked for answers in various religions.

I had this vacuum that I tried to fill with these temporal things while trying to find eternal meaning in life. In this quest for purpose, I was somehow blinded to the very truth that my parents tried to bring home to me – The Power of the Lord, Jesus Christ!

The Change

Now coming back to my story. In the midst of utter desperation, with divine guidance, I chanced upon a book written by Billy Graham that answered many of life’s important struggles and questions. I discovered that he mostly quoted from the Bible, which encouraged me to start listening to an audio version of the Bible itself. Plugging in my headphones, with one foot still in darkness, I unknowingly began my journey towards the Kingdom of Light.

I listened to the Word of God for months on end, following each word on my hardbound Bible. This was indeed the beginning of my encounter with my Lord and Saviour, in a real and authentic way. This was what you could call my very own Saul to Paul experience.

After being touched by the power of God, I returned to my friends hoping to share my testimony – without realizing that this would be the very beginning of my Ministry. My friends responded to the Gospel, seeing the tangible change in my own life. It was a Glorious moment indeed!

Marriage and Ministry

Family is something that I hold close to my heart as they are God’s gifts seamlessly woven into my life and ministry. At the age of 25, I set eyes on my lovely wife who shares the same burning passion for the things of God. This was truly a divine connection, orchestrated by the Lord himself. I continue to enjoy her full support and undying prayers in every mission, God calls me to undertake. We are blessed with three beautiful daughters – Sanchea, Samantha and Sunshine who make our lives much brighter. Our older daughters are pursuing their education in one of Bangalore’s top universities while the little one enjoys going to school.

Minnie and I, along with our daughters strive to minister the precious gospel of Jesus Christ wherever possible. Our ministry is centred on preaching, teaching and praying for those who are sick in mind, spirit and body.

God continued to bless the work of my hands in the secular arena as well. After decades of working for An International Airline company, He elevated me to take on a prestigious position as the Station Head at Bangalore International Airport gave me numerous opportunities to extend the love of Jesus to the broken hearted. As God birthed a greater fervour for His ministry, I responded to his full time call and stepped out in Faith, dedicating my life completely into His mighty hands.

He has now paved a way for me to travel across the nations of the world and connect with wonderful people, just like you who make a huge difference in the propagation of this unfailing Gospel. It is awe-inspiring to see the Holy Spirit move in our meetings in powerful ways, accompanied by signs of healing and deliverance.

The Mandate

Our Vision is Global because our God is a Global God. Evangelism for me is a process of bringing the Gospel to people where ever they are at. We echo what apostle Paul, said: “Jesus we preach, admonishing and teaching every man in all wisdom, that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus!” As an itinerant preacher, I continue to travel extensively, both locally and internationally sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the Lord opens new doors.

I am excited to see the Lord touch His people in the various conferences, youth camps, open-air crusades, leadership seminars, deliverance meetings and para-church organisational summits that He enables me to be a part of.

We understand the power of partnership as we partner with churches, ministries and organisations to edify and build the Body of Christ. Feel free to reach out!!!

Sandeep Daniel