My name is Sandeep Daniel and I am deeply passionate about connecting with people and sparking conversations that can mutually build each other up. I believe it is my calling to equip the people of God to be Kingdom Giants in the Body of Christ and The Corporate set up, who are relentless in pursuit of integrity, excellence and goal focussed mastery. My ministry mission mandate is “Plunder Hell – Populate Heaven”!


Dear Friends,
This website has been created for the sole purpose of building God’s Kingdom by reaching out to people like you. This is the perfect avenue to find quality resources for your spiritual growth and nurturing.



To preach the Word in the Power of the Spirit resulting in Transformation and wholeness and build up the body of Christ through all methods available and all means possible! In Essence ``Plunder Hell and Populate Heaven``


To teach and train the Body of Jesus Christ around the globe - to be effective stewards and witnesses using tools like seminars, retreats and training sessions in partnership with churches, ministries and organizations